Rocki's Bio


Male - Neutered
Grown Size: M
Coat Length: Short
Current on Vacs: Yes
Prefers Home Without: Cats,Kids


Rocki arrived at a southern shelter in February 2017 as a stray. He then waited many, many months with not one person interested in him. We fell in love with the photos we saw of him, and had him sent to us so he finally had a chance at finding a forever home. That was back in July, and still Rocki waits for the right person. He is about 4-5yrs old and only 45lbs, so he's a perfect medium size! It doesn't take long for Rocki to warm up to new people, but sadly most people don't have the patience to get to know him. He has never once been aggressive with people. Once Rocki knows you, he is hands-down the goofiest dog you will ever meet in your life. He loves to play in the snow, loves to play chase (you chase him, then he chases you, and repeat) and he enjoys playing with other dogs as well. Although Rocki is fond of other dogs, he is not a fan of cats or small children…small children freak him out. I feel the same way, bud… Anyway, kids 12yrs and up are fine, as long as they know how to act around a dog. Rocki doesn't like hugs or kisses. He loves to be pet, he loves to get attention from his people and watch every single thing you do, but he doesn't want to be smothered. His ideal home would be somewhere he will get the guidance he needs. He is actually a very well behaved pup, but structure and routine will be very good for Rocki! He just needs one person to show him what forever feels like.