Snickers's Bio


Male - Neutered
Grown Size: M
Coat Length: Short
Current on Vacs: Yes
Prefers Home Without: Cats


Snickers is an 8yr old Pit Bull/Lab mix who's life got turned upside down earlier this year when his owner could no longer care for him. Snickers took kennel life hard, and he still does. He lived his whole life in a home, so finding himself in a kennel was not easy on him. He would bark and growl at people who walked by, which scared them off. In reality, Snickers is an absolute sweetheart! He has dropped the "tough guy" act, but now he is just depressed and mopey in his kennel, hoping someone will take him home forever. Snickers can live with other dogs his size or larger (Snicks is about 50-55lbs.) He does have food aggression around other dogs, so he would need to be fed food and treats separately from others. He would do fine with older children, but he never lived with cats so we cannot say how he would do around them. Snickers is such a loving boy, and he does NOT act like a senior. He still loves to run, play, and go for walks! Snickers also loves going for car rides, and he will be someones best buddy if they would just give him the chance. He thinks he is a lap dog. He's even housebroken! That's the perk of adopting an older dog who's lived in a home his whole life, up till nearly a year ago. :( If you are interested in this sweet boy, please come down and meet him or call 908-859-3060! Lets get Snickers a FOREVER home!