Reese's Bio


Male - Not Neutered
Grown Size: M
Coat Length: Short


How adorable is Reese?! He spent nearly 6 months in a southern shelter where his time was running short. Reese was a staff and volunteer favorite....everyone loves this sweet, mild mannered pup so we brought him to NJ where he has a chance at finding a loving forever home. Reese was originally found running loose with a bunch of other dogs. Reese really enjoys other dogs and plays well with them, so he would enjoy a home with another friendly pup! He has been great with children who are 8-9yrs and up, we aren't sure about very young children though. He loves to play but is not an over-the-top energy kind of dog. He walks well on the leash and is a very gentle, quiet, and sweet boy! We don't know what he is exactly, but our best guess is some kind of Cur/Shar Pei mix maybe. He is only about 45lbs, so a perfect medium size! Reese will be a great addition to some lucky family's home.