Mistletoe Education Fund

CSA's workers are dedicated and do everything we can to provide help to animals in need. In extreme scenerios such as Mistletoe’s, we are heartbroken not only by her tragic outcome, but by the existance of the situation in the first place.

This inspires us more than ever to expand our educational outreach: to teach the importance of proper pet care to people of all ages, especially children. Our medical fund and general operations absorbs most of our funds.

Please consider donating to our educational program to help in alleviating this scenerio of cruelty and lack of medical care.

A pure bred German Shorthair Pointer was found staggering along Route 57 in Lopantcong, NJ on Christmas Eve. She was brought to us in terrible condition. We named her Mistletoe, and despite our efforts and those of the staff who cared endlessly for her late into the night, she died of terminal starvation.

Education Program

Educating the Public

CSA believes in educating the public by promoting true animal welfare and conservation. Children in particular, need to learn that Companion Animals (Dogs, Cats, exotic pets) are frequently the victims of unknowing and uneducated suppliers and owners.

All Pets require commitment and responsibility. Abandonment, starvation, sickness and loneliness are often the result of an "impulse" pet. Teaching and nurturing responsibility, love and respect of animals, wildlife and the environment can shape who children become as adults. Even non-pet owners should be educated as to how everyone's environment is affected by lack of awareness and responsibilty.

Educating Schools and Clubs

We currently provide educational tours to groups such as scouts, 4-H Clubs, Mom's Club, etc. We host birthday parties, visit area schools, conducting presentations that enable children to lean about and interact with various animals. It is educational, but also a lot of fun for people of all ages, and the animals too!
Please contact us at (908) 859-3060 with any interest in setting up a fun education session at your location or ours.

Meet Some of Our Team

Blacky the Guinea Pig
Alfred the Black Throat Monitor
Ashton the Rabbit